Thursday, June 10, 2010

From the Archives

I'm starting to miss blogging! I miss your comments and I miss being crafty. But I'll tell ya, typing is a challenge and I'm avoiding it as much as possible. So if you have emailed me and are waiting for a reply, that could be why.

This is Felix Ketto with a flower by Stamping Bella and I created it MOONS ago for a submission call and it never got picked up. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? LOL! I know for some, getting published is their goal, for me, not so much, although I was published in two issues of Take Ten several years ago when I first started stamping. It was the first and only time (until this one) that I submitted cards to a magazine. I sent in six cards and two or three cards were published in two different issues. It was kind of exciting at the time I guess but that was the end of it. For the Toronto locals, I think this card is in the store so you may have seen it.

Tomorrow we are heading state side because Mark entered himself into a trail run in Walled Lake near Novi on Saturday morning. AND GUESS WHAT? it just happens to be dangerousely close to Paulabella's home town so we are gonna meet up with her and Jim for dinner and I got word that Mary and her DH will also be joining us! soooo excited!!!!!!! i strategically picked a hotel near paula's and after dinner i'll drop mark off at the hotel, cause he will need his rest before running 10k in the woods, and i'll slide on over to paula's for the evening....what do ya think folks, should I let her decorate my cast??????

Finally for those wanting a wrist update, sadly not much end of day it gets pretty sore and I don't know why because I'm not doing a stinking thing! I don't have another appt until next week so I may have more news then.

One more sleep Paula!


paulatracy said...

awwwww...look at you needing the comments and love. I just popped on her to look up a layout of yours, using ovals. My tomorrow card was cut in an oval cause I knew there was something on here I wanted to CASE! off to hunt...

Cindy H. said...

Oh good, something fun for you to do to help break up the long wait until you get your cast off! Yes, I think Paulabella should add something fun to your cast and you could consider it a temporary tattoo, lol. Personally, I'm not a fan of tattoos but I think I could live with a temporary one (wink) especially from you or Paula:)

I'm so sorry to read you are still experiencing pain. Hopefully your doctor can find a way to alleviate some of the pain.

So nice to see you posting and showing a new card - to us :) Love your adorable card!! tfs

Krista said...

phew, thanks for posting something, anything, I'm going thru some serious withdrawl...haha! This card just filled that need! Gorgeous! Sigh, ok, I'm good!
btw, loovin' the pink cast!

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Great card Linda! Just wondering if Thomas Sabo took the hurt out for a bit! LOL LOL

Crafty Cath said...

Glad to see another Linda creation...and what is wrong with those people??? This is adorable! Hope you had a great time with Paula and Mary. A little craft talk might be just the ticket to help take the edge off a bit.

Pinky said...

Hi Linda
Hope you had a great weekend and that it got your mind off the arm pain for a while at least.
I am not much of a cat person (bring on them doggies!!), but this card is so sweet! Love it.
Hugs, Pinky

Becky said...

This is one fabulous looking card, what is wrong with those people :). Love the cute image and love the design of the card. Miss you too :)


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