Sunday, June 20, 2010

lookie what i found!

a card that I made BTHA (before the horrible accident) that I had not posted yet!

This is
Tilly the teacup girl! As always she was stamped on Bella's bestest paper and coloured with copic markers. Prismacolor pencils and gamsol were used for the ground shading and yellow highlights and likely some browns or maybe greys to add some extra shading to the cup. Get a load of that updo! Her head must weigh 20 lbs!

And what do you think of my blog today! I gave it a quick overhaul with the help of blogger templates. I just happened to go on there this morning to update some links on my sidebar and noticed it. Needless to say I got sidetracked and the links never got updated but I love my new look.

ETA: sorry for any of you who missed my cute summery look but it seems the template I chose did like me and messed up all of my links! I have reverted to something simple and see where we go from there.

It has gone from a simple green/blue background with lovely white flowers, to just plain ole' yellowy/green and now a soft blue. I think I'm gonna keep this one and call it a day!

Wrist update: The pink cast is gone and I am now in a REALLY ugly black and blue brace. The good thing is that I am able to remove it and washed my arm (very gently!) for the first time in 5 weeks. New xrays were taken and the bone has not healed yet, but still looks good. He wants me to start physio on Monday and OMG...I'm scared! I can't even MOVE my thumb and it is still quite numb. So if you hear any screaming coming from the Chatham area Monday afternoon it likely will be me!

Today I'll be spending the day doing what I do best...nothing. Well actually I'll be sitting on the deck and gazing out at my yard and the pool wishing I could go for a float in my chair with a pina colada! Maybe I can't float, but the pina colada just may make the list. I took a few pics of the yard this morning. It is a constant work in progress and I am forever pulling something out and planting something new.

This is the back corner of the yard where we just planted a flowering almond tree. Next spring I should see it full of pink blooms. I see lots of empty places there to plant more stuff!

My girl, sitting in the shade of the tall grasses by the pool.

and finally, the little westie stone figure on the deck, isn't she cute!

That's about it for today, peace out!


Dana White said...

Linda your card is FAB I have to ink her up - maybe this week! OMG your back yard is stunning - enjoy the pina colada's!!

Cindy H. said...

First off, I love your new site!!! It looks so cool and refreshing, just like your pretty yard :) And, your sweet little Bessie seems to be so comfortable among the tall grasses, she's just adorable!

So glad you found another card to share with us, it's adorable!! Love her hair - reminds me of the 60's. Your coloring is as always, fantastic!!

You definitely need to dress up the "ugly" black and blue brace. So glad the healing is progressing nicely.

dolcreations said...

Your card is coloured so beautifully Linda! I just love the new blog look....the pictures are awesome of your back yard!!!

Becky said...

What a fabulous card, love this image. What a fabulous back yard :)

Mary Frances said...

Linda, I really like the new look! What a great card to have had stashed away!! Your yard is as beautiful as ever and I'm so glad your wrist is outta that cast!! Hugs, xx

Karen Motz said...

Wowzers...your back yard is DREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we should have a stamping gathering in Chatham!!!! LOVE your sweet card and that layout is really neat!

Crafty Cath said...

Love the new blog design! The colors are nice and soft..I had a sneak peak earlier and it was yellow and there was a new card visible so I was like did I go to the wrong blog? But the DH was hurrying me out of the house so now I'm back and get to see a loverly blue! Nice. Bessie looks so comfortable by the pool. My Bella would be jumping in - she loves water. Tromps through every puddle on a walk. Tank on the other hand can't stand to get his toes wet. If you're still with me - your card is fabulous! Love the highlights in that towering head of hair...looks like a ray of sun is shining on her. Beautiful. Cheers to the pina colada and a recovery that's making progress!

CreaRenata said...

Hi Linda, so glad you found this card. I always love watching your creations! This one is stunning again! And what a lovely garden!


Lilian said...

Love your new blog look! I hope you are hand gets better soon!

Your card is just darling! I love your coloring and the image is just so cute! You kee ptempting me with the Bella stamps but alas, I have more stamps than time to actually ink them up. sigh. Thanks for sharing!

Beth Norman said...

Yes indeed, another fantastic card. Your blog overhaul is beautiful. It is so clean and soft. Your dog is very adorable.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful back yard. Do you colour there?

leenda said...

Cool new blog look! Of course the artwork is always picture perfect! Your yard is beautiful!

Krista said...

Goooorgeous card Linda, so glad you dusted it off for us to see!!! Love your backyard, all those flowers are beautiful and the cute little dog finishes it off perfectly!


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