Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good news, bad news, other news (no cards!)

good news: i got the pink fiberglass cast off on thursday and i washed my arm for the first time in 5 weeks! LOTS of dead skin under there! GA-ROSSE! I'm in a removable brace for at least three more weeks until I see the orthopedic surgeon again.

bad news: i had my first physio appt yesterday and although the bone has not healed yet (which is normal since it was only just over 4 weeks post surgery) she said I also have nerve and tendon injuries! i was worried about that and it really did not come as any surprise.

good news: the injured nerves causing numbness in my thumb will regenerate over time and I have good range of motion so I should regain full motion with the physio (i'm like REALLY?....i can't even MOVE my freaking thumb!) there is also still significant swelling which had me worried, but she assured me this was all quite normal. whew!

bad news: (well maybe this isn't so bad) i have 6-8 weeks of physio before I get full range of motion back in the thumb. the bad part is that it FREAKING hurts!

good news: she said I've been doing all the right things with keeping the hand elevated, napping {smiles}, icing daily and stretching my fingers to the best of my ability while I was in the cast.

other news: I've gotten a few more cards and a care package (thx pinky!) over the past couple weeks and just haven't had the energy and/or strength to send individual thank you's! typing makes me think of work! I don't want to think of work, and I avoid typing like it is a life threatening virus because a) it is painful, and b) it makes me think of work!

more other news: this is really like good news cause we are off to see my guy Dave Matthews tomorrow at DTE in Clarkston, Michigan and I am sooooooo excited! then we have only two more sleeps until we are off to Cleveland to see him again. In Cleveland we will be APPARANTLY be staying at the same hotel that the band stayed at last summer (a tip from one of Paula's co-workers). Could you die! OMG...what if I come face to face! I might faint! Oh gosh! let's hope not, my wrist would not be able to sustain the fall!

that is all my news for today! if i'm up to it, later this week I plan on posting some of the cards i've received while modelling my pinky-do attire!

stay tuned! pinky's little package had me howling....i modelled it for the boys but they somehow did not see the humor! what's wrong with them? time to go back to school I say if they cannot amuse their mother in her time of need!


Krista said...

Wow, thats lots of news lol!!! Sounds like all good news concerning your wrist...which is very good to hear! Have a great time on your trip/s to see Dave! We'll have you back soon enough right? lol!

Betty said...

That is good news about your hand. Isn't it hard to hear that the swelling in normal after all this time and the numbness is terrible! My Achilles tendon is numb and hurts but my dr isn't thinking I will need PT. I don't know what to think of that I thought it was like a mandatory thing. Have fun on your trip. I know I'm not up to anything like that even though I'm out of the boot and arm brace. Keep stretching and remember, stamping is good therapy...at least my husband thinks so and I'm not complaining! Send me your address and I'll send you a card too.

Cindy H. said...

Well your good news sounds like you are progressing nicely. Do they ever recommend taking an OTC pain reliever before your physio? Maybe that would help a little, not sure.

Pinky said...

Glad to hear that my lil' package arrived to you and that it brought a smile to your face. Sure hope that you can bump into Dave in the hotel. Use that arm to get extra sympathy votes, perhaps he would sign your sling. Who says you need Paula's artwork on your cast when you could have HIS autograph!!LOL(sorry Paula)
Hope there are better days ahead for you Sistah!


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