Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home from the house that Bella built

Well ladies, my roadtrip to Em's was a blast. What a drastic change from the last time I was there in March. The scramping room is open and filled to the brim with pretty paper. The 'main' room now has all the bellas, stellas, and chichis proudly perched on the wall. Not to mention the Dolby original with those Stella's chit chatting up there having just a gay ole' time. I'm tellin' ya, this is the happiest place on earth!

When I invited Paula to come along she asked what will we do there. I think I said we are just going to hang out and color and shop. I'm sure she was thinking...I'm gonna spend 5 hours in a car to hang out and I really want to do this! Not to mention drag two of my friends along with me. I hope they weren't disappointed.

Paula wowed us all with her pencil/gamsol magic while Nicky took her place opposite and studied every move. I colored up Baby Buttercup with my copics and Janine tried out the peerless watercolors. Nicky scooped them all! Em had us all drooling over the Lyra colored pencils but only Paula took the plunge. I CANNOT wait to see what she creates with them. I'm sure I'll cave eventually. I'm a color freak and the array of colors in this set is stunning.

Laura Evans chit chatted with everyone and I couldn't let her leave without a couple Linda originals. I was really hoping to have more cards to share with everyone but being sick all week really put a damper on my creative juices.

I'll leave you with a few pics of the day.

Mary, Carol, Paula, Pauline and Janine. Clearly something was said that is shocking. Or maybe that was the moment that Mary decided that her son's education must come before a new set of pencils.

Laura, Em, Nicky, Dena and Janine.

The Stella's

And finally if you ever wonder who lovingly packs all those mail orders, well here she is, Dena! At her desk in what I call the Rubber Room! Next time you place an order leave Dena a little comment and say Linda said to say Hi!

May you all get to spend a day at the House that Bella built!


Bonnie said...

How fantastically fun this all sounds!! *sigh* someday I too will get up the nerve to travel to that Bella dream palace!!

Shannan Teubner said...

How fun!!!! Hopefully I'm next! :)

Laura Evans (llevans) said...

I enjoyed meeting you so much Linda! Thanks so much for the originals, I am going to take my sister's advice and mount them in a shadow box with a few pictures of my day at Em's store! MWAH!

paula said...

ok, it's monday and I am still floating pretty high! I guess it's because I still don't work until tomorrow! lol Yes, you gotta bring your binder and we can compare! I bet yours is bigger!! haha talk to ya soon! your sistah!


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