Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Weekend!

Well, I'm home from my last show of Dave's 2008 Summer Tour! I'm sure you are all glad to hear that so you don't have to listen to me ramble about it anymore. But I can't let it go without sharing a few pics. This is my husband, wearing his Rothbury shirt. Yup, for any of my Michigan readers, the hubs went to Rothbury with one of his jam-loving buddies. You have to understand, camping was involved and Mark's idea of camping is the Holiday Inn express. He sent me emails daily titled, Survived Day 1, Survived Day 2 etc. So day 2 for Alpine Valley he puts on this shirt and I said, "are you really gonna wear that?". Yikes!

Now check out picture #2...tailgating before the concert. That's us, hubs in the Rothbury tie dye shirt and me, wearing my new pretty yellow Ann Taylor sweater, diamond necklace and coach purse. I sometimes wonder how we ever hooked up!

And finally, I'll leave you with a pic of Dave! I gotta say that was the most 'into it' crowd I have ever seen. You know you are amongst fans when Dave starts playing a song and 30,000 people start singing and Dave only sings the chorus! The girl sitting next to me has seen him 31 times, and we saw someone else wearing a t-shirt that listed all the concerts she has been to and it said 100 and counting!

Well, that's it for my Dave Matthews summer tour. I should have more time to get back to some serious card making soon!

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