Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I crack myself up sometimes!

The director of IT, who just happens to be a friend of mine, is LEAVING IT after 35 years to go 'direct' in another area of the company. We will miss her, but hey, she is not leaving the company, only going to a different floor. But girls will be girls and we used it as a good excuse to get together for a bbq. We bought her a little gift and I was asked to make a card. It had to be Stella, and it HAD to be Stella has something to say. Before I reveal the punch line, I must say one thing about the card. My lls (a new acronym that i just made up for long lost sister) Paula always adds funky titles on her cards with little cut out letters so I thought I'd give it a try...OKAY...not gonna do this again anytime soon! Especially with this many letters and I'm under a time crunch! But I gotta say, it sure looks nice!

So on to the best part...Stella needed to give some really good advice, something that a director could use in her new position, so scouring the internet I found this and thought it just might be something that Stella would say:

In any organization
there will always be
one person who knows
what is going on

This person must be fired

Till next time,



Terri said...

A darling card and perfect for the occasion! As always your coloring is awesome and I love the sentiment. I see some "Stella" stamps in my future, she is too cute!

Danyel said...

Once again you've done a beautiful card! I love the sentiment. TFS!

aka Nelliebella

Bonnie said...

That is a hoot!! Love your cards as per usual! Okay, so when is your next class and how the he** do we get into one before it gets booked by cracky!!!???


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