Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello from Wisconsin

Well, I’m having a fab time here. Chicago was wonderfully busy as usual. Such a change from our little quite city of Chatham! I got to Blicks, spent a WAD of money on copics. Pauline, I got all but three of the colors you wanted....sorry Lynn, no SP multiliners!

Then mark wanted to go to this bootleg record store and surprise surprise…there was an Ann Taylor Loft next door and I dropped wad #2. Then we hit PF Changs for dinner, came home to watch the rest of the Olympic opening ceremonies and were going to go to this jazz club across the street but we fell asleep! Man, we are pathetic. Definitely not late night people.

So next day I wanted to go to Sephora…just to get a couple things but i ended up dropping wad #3. the sales lady actually whispered the total to me because mark was standing beside me! HAHAHAH! Now I don't wear a lot of makeup, actually I hate wearing makeup but I've been pondering trying out Bare starter kit, plus a couple extras, PLUS...some french radiance serum that is guaranteed to erase my fine lines and i walked out of there thinking I'm going to have to refinance my house (again!) Nicky or Em....if you are reading this I blame it all on you because you went on about this stuff when I was there back in March and I've had in my mind ever since. So when I see you in a couple weeks you'd better tell me I look 10 years younger!

Finally I hit Paper Source. When I send a really nice card for a special occasion, I want a really nice envelope and Paper Source envelopes are my FAV! They come in luscious colors in all different sizes. Since I've been making square cards lately, square envelopes were the order of the day. Wad #4, dropped!

I'll leave you with a pic of Lake Geneva. This is pretty much across the street from our hotel. We got here yesterday with just about an hour to rest before heading to Alpine Valley to see Dave Matthews so we didn't get much time to walk around. WOW....what a HUGE place Alpine Valley is. I've never been to an outdoor music theater as large as that! Good concert...we actually met a couple guys who were from the Detroit area. Cool! Today we went for brunch, walked around the city and took an hour boat tour of Lake Geneva. Soooooo pretty here! I'd come back in a heartbeat.

Well off to see Dave again tonight, then head home to reality tomorrow.


Bonnie said...

Well, look at you go travelling! and all for a band....I know, I know it is THE band....well--- have fun and don't go getting too young looking, no one will know you.........

paula said...

OMG...I use bare escentuals makeup, maybe I can't spell it though...what is this french serum about and can I trade in a husband or child to get a bottle? That might get rid of some extra lines?? LOL Just kidding, Jim makes more than me, I couldn't stamp without his funds! hahaha


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