Monday, August 4, 2008

Tyler for Jacob

Man, blogger wouldn't let me upload my image yesterday so I'm here, but a day late! However, I'm not mad because I know (hope) there are people in the Blogger IT department trying really hard to fix it and running around saying "ohhhhhmmmmm".

Here is the second card I made for the nephews. This one is for Jake and since he is six years old and can read his name he thought it was pretty darn cool that the card had his name on it. Note that I used my Just Right Monogram stamper for the first time. I wanted to circle his name with 'happy birthday' but OMG...I just DID NOT have the patience to plug in and center all those little letters. If anyone has a tip for doing this in a reasonable amount of time PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Jake, he is a natural little athlete so Tyler the Jock was all to appropriate for him. He also seemed quite amazed at the ribbon! he kind of felt it, and examined it, way too cute! I love the little nephews and wish I could see them more often!

That's it for today! Except, if you haven't seen yet, you MUST check out Paula's bella. It's her very first bella and I think there is a Bella future for her! The coloring on her card is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

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stamping bella said...

my darling linda.. your cards AS USUAL are absolutely phenom.. mind blowing.. beautiful!! Thank you so much for loving the stamps.. i truly appreciate it!



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