Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm feeling a trend coming on!

That would be a crisp white snowflake cuttlebug card with an image that has a splash of color. I did it with Elzybelle and today I am doing it with Stella. Now Elzy is definitely cute, but Stella is ME...i think if she could walk and talk she would be me! I was even presented with a crown and a wand once at work! LOL!!!!!! And when I had something to say, I would put them on. NO...I don't work at Zappo's or Google, I work at a 100 year old natural gas utility company...but we were on a very long stressful project a couple years ago this was one of our ways to lighten the moment!

Enough of my weird work moments, on to the card. I love this stella....again, she is sooooooooo me! EVERY year, I put up the tree, mostly by myself...when my boys were little they LOVED to help and it was like a race to the finish, but now that they are grown, they're not too interested. And EVERY year I struggle with those DANG lights! Actually a couple years ago I got so frustrated that the tree sat for an entire week with half of it covered in lights and the rest of the lights laying on the floor. It never fails, there will be one light that is a dud and I have to pull every light out, and stick in a good one to find out the bad one. That dreadful year I enlisted my dad's help to find the rotten light. He is retired, as such he has more time and patience for things like this! Now I was not good at replacing burnt out lights in a timely manner, and according to dad, that was my problem. NOW as soon as I see a light is even going dim, I replace it!

So today, i introduce you to me, er uh, Stella....tangled in lights!


Shannan Teubner said...

I loveyyyyyyyyy this image...just you wait to see what sentiment I found to pair her with! Your trend is fabulous!

Tammi said...

Hi Stella!! ;) I just had too, lol! Soooo cute, I haven't seen that image yet, love what you did with her. I know how it goes with decorating the tree, mostly me doing it now, how did that happen?! :) Your kitchen is beautiful!!

Cindy H. said...

This image is so fun! Your coloring of Stella is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda,what a fun card! I'm with you, I feel like Stella when it comes to decorating the tree. I love this cuttlebug snowflake folder, it has become my "reach to" folder over the last few weeks. TFS!

betty said...

Looks like Stella has it all under control on this card - what a beauty! That cuttlebug folder is also a favourite of mine. Love the DP that you used. You have such a talent bringing the whole card together - love your work.

paula said...

hey sistah, I didn't get to tell you how awesome this is...when I was feeling bad with my headache. I LOVE how you put her on the white with the bold colors!! You never looked better...I mean Stella never looked better! lol


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