Friday, September 5, 2008

Impression Obsession Flower Quad

I know, you are probably thinking...isn't this realllly similar to the multi media card? Well kinda...but you see I got this one as a gift from Impression Obsession when I gave them the card last summer that now proudly sits on their sample board. So when I bought the magenta stamp I justified it by telling myself that I really didn't BUY the IO one, and the magenta is a reverse image so it's not really the same. Truth be told, I'm a total sucker for flowers, and things that are all nice and square just call my name.

I forced myself to use the pencils again to hone those skills and I'm glad I did. I just LOVE it! I'll be sending it to my mom and dad for their anniversary coming up in a couple weeks.



paula said...

Dear Linda, If you could please make sure that these stamps make their journey to Northville with you and Pauline, I would be most happy. I may give you a little treat... OMG, this is beautiful!! my birthday is Nov. 13th in case you need to make another or something...

Anonymous said...


This card is sooo beautiful!! I can't wait to see you and Pauline again next Saturday. You can give us another wonderful demonstration! Tell Pauline that she get to show off her talents this time as well! Bring your appetites & we will see you on Saturday. Mary C.

Karen said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented.



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