Friday, September 26, 2008

iTunes Joy!

I grew up in the era of alternative music in the early 80's. Most are bands that didn't have a long life, but had some great songs. There are some songs and bands that I remember well and others that just lurk in my head but I can't exactly remember the name of the song or the band.
(chalk that up to be dangerously close to 50!)

Enter iTunes Genious! I am in 80's alternative rock HEAVEN! You need an iTunes account to use it (which I already have...need you ask!) and if you have even ONE oldie in your iTunes library that you just LOVE, click on it and the genious comes up on the right hand side and basically says...Hey! might like THIS....or THIS...or THIS! IT IS FABULOUS!

I've spent the last couple hours listenting (and buying!) songs that have been just lurking in my head for decades!

I'm in my happy music place! Next order of business will be to make a new playlist that has a good walking beat for me and the pooch!

Cheers! Linda!

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paula said...

I do the same thing, and with all the people at work we come up with the name...singer or whatever and then I give it to Jordan to download for me on her has a zune! 80's is my FAVORITE MUSIC!! I love to sing! Just not in


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