Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a night!

I meant to post a card last night but sistah' was NOT a good night for me!

I was asked to make a memory album for the Director of I.T. who is leaving our department. I reluctantly agreed, made the covers and assisted them with putting pictures of the entire department on the pages. Well, I'm using my Bind-it-all for this project and last night when I went to punch the holes in the cover I forgot the little spacer was in it and my holes punches too close to the edge. Trying to 'fix' it I totally wrecked it! my BFF Pauline comes to the rescue and has a sheet of the DP that I used so I go to her house and get it, come home, make another cover and then I spilt glue on it! YUP! cover #2 WRECKED!

I have no more 8x8 covers! So I make one and proceed to piece together a new cover! Finally by 1am and a bottle of wine later I was finished. It's gonna be a long day! I'll post another card from the mega weekend tonight!

1 comment:

Marcie S. said...

No worries- the finished result looks fantastic, and a bottle of wine ALWAYS helps! :)


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