Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back on Canadian Soil!

Although I loved my Dave Matthews spring tour more than you know, I am also very happy to be home and back on Canadian soil...and I'll be staying put for a couple weeks until the summer tour starts!

Vegas was a blast as always...I LOVE everything about that city! The dining, the shopping, the night life, the shows, the star gazing...it is such a dramatic change from small town Chatham, Ontario. Not that I don't love Chatham, I do on a daily basis..but a jaunt to a big city is always fun! It wasn't enough that I saw my guy 'Dave' two nights in a row, we also spotted Gwen Stefani in the airport! Now, I'm not a Gwen follower and I probably wouldn't have even recognized her (even though she WAS wearing a No Doubt t-shirt) if it weren't for the girls who were sitting behind me and GULPED quite loudly when she walked in. After a long period of staring I decided to whip out the camera and just as I clicked it she was surrounded by her entourage and off she went....I maybe got a sliver of her in the pic...and let me tell ya, that ain't much! Oh well, I've got about a million pics of Dave that I brought home with me! LOL!!!!

Also on this trip there was NO airplane coloring even though I brought along a select variety of copics and some stamped images. The lighting on the plane was just too inadequate and I wasn't in the mood so I watched Slum Dog Millionaire on my iTouch instead! Good movie! On the way home I watched Iron Man...if for nothing else, I watched it just for the Robert Downey Jr. factor! He was THE best thing that ever happened to Ally McBeal! I think I stopped watching TV when that show ended.

So, because there was no airplane coloring I have to pull out an oldie for ya today! I colored Gossipy Stella JUST about the time that Emily asked me to join her group of Babe's. Since I took this pic I did add a row of bella baubles above the sentiment but sadly I no longer have the card to re-take the picture! You'll just have to use your imagination on that. You'll might also notice that I paper pieced her dress which I rarely do. But even when I paper piece I still take my pencils or copics to it to add a bit of shading. CASE! Color And Shade Everything! That's my motto!

I also decided to do something fun to the inside of this card and used the Whussup sentiment and cut it out with one of my nestie label dies and secured it down with a kajinker flower! It turned out kinda cute!

Well, I'll be spending the next few days catching up in my google reader! I've missed what all my fav stampers have been up to!


"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Glad you had a great time. Gotta love that city. Great card and colours.

Julia said...

Well darn! I live in Vegas! We could've gotten together and had a great time!! Oh well...maybe next time! Love your glittering technique!! I actually did learn something!! I love the dotty way you do it...LOL!

dpkennedy said...

I love that snazzy Stella and the mouse holding the phone is just too cute!

paula said...

hehe, an oldie but a GOODIE!! I love the colors and the dress and the colors and your coloring and the stella and the coloring... I love it all...mr. Matthews..no comment! lol


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