Sunday, May 31, 2009


I had a question about envelopes that I forgot to answer. No I do not make my own. I am fortunate that my LSS, Paper Pickle sells envelopes in a variety of sizes but my hands down favorite envelopes are Paper Source. They come in every size imaginable in a wide range of GORJUS colors and are a nice heavy paper. I won't lie, they are a bit expensive but if I've spent an hour colorin' up a card I want it presented in a nice package! It is my MUST go to store whenever I am in Chicago. They sell online but I have never ordered from them so I have no idea what shipping charges are. If you are lucky enough to live near a store, I am envious!


Beth Norman said...

I agree with you that envelopes are nice. I'm a subscriber of yours (recent find) and I love your work. Just to let you know, on Thursday I will be posting a tutorial for a 6 x 6 envelope. My weekly tutorial is Tuesday, but there seems to be a demand for making envies, so I created a 2nd tut for next week.

Amy Sheffer said...

Thanks for the info the Paper Source. I just looked and have three within an hour! I'll have to make a point to get to one of them. I agree, too, a nice envelope really adds a lot!

Cindy H. said...

I love Paper Source and have two within a half hour or less from me. I like buying their cardstock and matching text paper from which I make my own envies.


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