Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everything you wanted to know....

As promised, here are answers to those questions you've been asking:

Where did I learn to color?
I've always liked to color...ALWAYS. I did take some lessons when I was quite young but that's about it.

Will I ever have a copic class?
Not likely, only because my schedule is too full to fit it in. My advice is to find someone you like, 'study' their work and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE....and let loose and experiment. It's only paper, try something different, use unlikely colors together, layer colors to achieve new colors. It's only paper and if it looks like crap...throw it out and nobody will ever know but you . And I guarantee you will have learned something from the experiment.

Will I ever do tutorials?
Again, not likely, but there is soooooo much out there already that I have learned from I don't think I could say it any better myself...I would say right now THE best site I've seen out there is Copic Creations. It is like the best of the best and include links to other fantastic posts. Great tutorials, suggestions on color combinations, challenges and some fantastic PDF downloads. I HIGHLY suggest this site!

How do I tie my bows?
Kristina Werner has the best videos on you tube...I learned from the master and you can too!
knot tying:
bow tying:

Sketch or Ciao?
It makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE at all. Get the ones that are in your budget, or the ones that you can get your hands on. I started with an entire set of CIAO's, because they were in my budget, but since then I have filled in the gaps with Sketch because Sketch comes in every color and CIAO only comes in a subset of the entire color selection.

What color did I use?
If I know it, I'll post it. Problem is that I never keep track of the markers used...but if I do remember to keep track, I'll definitely post them for you.

What are copics?
They are an alcohol based marker, not AT ALL like a water based marker like Tombow or Stampin Up. You do NOT use water to blend them. You blend them directly on the paper just with the markers. If you need more information on them, I suggest checking out Marianne Walker's blog. She is the product specialist for Copic.

Prisma vs Lyra? What is the difference?
Prisma are a wax based pencil and VERY blendable, Lyra are an oil based pencil and also VERY blendable. They work exactly the same and I use them interchangeably, but I do find the the led in the Lyra's to be a bit softer. I have a 72 set of Lyra's and a 120 set of Prisma's.

What cardstock do I use?
For copic, I typically use Papertrey Stampers Select White. It is a very heavy paper though and you do use a lot of copic ink to get the paper wet enough to be blendable with your next color. Many people use is much thinner than papertrey and I've just never gotten used to it so I stick with Papertrey. For pencils, anything goes!

I hope this has helped you out! Don't forget, if you have a general question post it in the Cbox is a great little tool and if I don't answer immediately, I WILL definitely get to it!

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Meahni said...

This post is great. Thanks for sharing - it is too kind of you! Maybe you should do a book, then you don't have to answer the same questions so many times ;-)


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