Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood!

Sorry, just had to say it! (Darn that Mr. Rogers!)

It is a beeeeeuuuutiful day here in sunny and mild. (except the sun beaming in is REALLY showing all the dirt that has accumulated on my windows over the winter) I've already had a chat with Paula this morning and a visit from my friend Kathy and her puppy JD! What nice surprise for a Saturday morning! Kathy and JD were out for a walk and JD dragggggged Kathy by our house to see if Bessie was outside! hehehe! so the dogs 'chatted' thru the fence and Bessie must have said 'hey come and play'. So they stopped by for a few minutes and ran around the yard! Gotta love those fur babies!

That has absolutely NOTHING to do with my card today, but I thought it was cute! I've always liked this Bella Dream House and I finally have a purpose for it! I'm sending it to my childhood BFF who is starting a new life on her own! She just bought a simply ADORABLE new home and I wanted to send her some happy mail. It is always fun to open the mailbox and get something that isn't a bill! LOL!

Couple things I should mention about this card. I stamped the house first, then masked it off and added the mini skinny scribble tree. A house isn't a house without a tree! And how cute is that tree anyhow! I think I will need the fat scribble tree too. Then I took my .005 marker to add shingles to the roof, and slats to the garage door. I also added some clear glaze pen to all the windows so they are all clean and sparkly (not dirty like mine). As usual I coloured with copic markers and kept the house all neutral except for the teal door. Why teal? Because I wanted to match it up with the TPC Studio Ancestral Teal Brocade paper. The blue shading around the house, hint of green grass and a small bit of shading on the house was done with prisma pencils and gamsol.

Well, if it was just a little tiny bit warmer, I just might go out there and clean my windows...but instead I'm gonna sit at my kitchen table and let the warm sun beat down on my back and do some colouring. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Pam Speidel said...

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor... OMG girl, I have always been a huge fan of your creations and your coloring is like no other! WOW! This needs to be FRAMED under glass and I wouldn't be surprised if your friends does just that! It's a housewarming gift in itself! OUTSTANDING! :) Smiles, Pam

Pinky said...

Hey Miz Linda
Just doing a lil' blog surfing and thought I would pop in to say "Hi Sistah" Love that card, your house and "upgrades" are devine. Funny story about your windows as I was thinking the exact same thing this morning about mine. I choose to look past the dirt and enjoy the gorgeous rays. Thank you for your continued inspiration. Hugs to you, Pinky

Mary Frances said...


WOW! It looks so much better than through a web cam! This is truly a work of art. If I move into a new house can I get one?? Absolutely beautiful.


Deanna said...

I do love and own this little house but you make it look amazing!

paula tracy williamson said...

Um, can I live here?


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