Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's 77th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! He is slowly recovering from his bypass surgery and still feeling quite weak. His doctor is pleased with his progress but I think Dad thinks it should be quicker.

For his card I turned to nature and kept it very soft, very calming and tactile.

For the focal image I started out with a piece of white paper and spread on some pan pastels. VERY messy, I had pastels everywhere! Then I gave it a spray of some workable fixative to 'set' it and not get any more on my fingers. Then I stamped the Fred Mullett reverse fern with versamark and embossed it in black. The DP behind the leaf is an old piece of Magenta paper that I have been hoarding for years...but Dad is worthy so I cut into it. The green paper in the background is from Hanko Designs and a Japanese imported paper. Another one that I hoard because I only have a few pieces left. It looks good in the pic, but even yummier in your hot little hands because it looks and feels like grasscloth. Finally, the piece of mesh is also Magenta, I think they call it nest and it comes in several colours and several styles. This loose one is my fav. All of this paper comes out of a folder that I label 'specialty paper'...I only dive into it for special occasions!

Well that's it...hoping Dad has a wonderful Birthday.


Cindy H. said...

What a beautiful card!! Love how the pan pastels make the leaf look like it back-lit. I save those special papers for special people, too:) Hope your dad has a happy birthday and that he feels better with every passing day.

Amanda R said...

Lovely card Linda, so different from what you normally do but yet still gorgeous! Sending a little prayer that your dad continues to do well.

Sherri said...

This is a really beautiful card. Just the perfect thing for a man. Not fussy, just beautiful. I'm sure he will love it!


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