Sunday, March 20, 2011

No agenda

One of my most favourite things in the world is to wake up in the morning and have no agenda....and that is how I woke up this morning. It's a very free and liberating feeling. I typically like to write a post on a Sunday morning when I'm having my coffee but this morning I decided to do something different, remember no agenda!

I pulled out my Stamping Bella dictionary definition stamps, love, happiness and together and my current most fav stamp that I can't stop using, flower garden (I always wanna call it scribble poppies, I think Emily should really rename it just for me!). Then I wanted to just mess around with my caran d'ache watercolor pastels...this did bring on several minutes of frustration however, because I couldn't find the pastels. I think I have too much stuff and squirrel it away out of sight in different locations around the house. And I also felt the need to emboss...just because I have a kajillion different EP's and I do like to use them occasionally.

With all products out in front of me this is what I created in my art journal....I love it and am going to recreate the idea onto a card.

I started by staggering the three definitions onto one large 4x6 block and stamped it out twice with Distress Ink in pumice stone. LOVE the soft colour of that ink...thanks Tim! Then I stamped the poppies with versamark and embossed with patina gold. Then I scribbled in some pastels and loosened it up with a wet paint brush. Now I will admit it is difficult for me to do the loosey goosey thing and I prefer things to be a bit more controlled but I was really going after composition here and am pretty happy with the outcome.

Now I think I just may recreate this idea into a card.


craftyb said...

stunning - i love it! bx

Ebru Vatansever said...

I love it Linda, you sure did an amazing job at coloring the flowers. I must admit the flowers happen to be one of my favorite stamps for journaling as well. Don't you just love Caran D'ache water pastels :o)
Can't wait to see your card with this technique.

Amanda R said...

Beautiful job Linda! I think I would make another one and frame it it is that pretty. I will second your vote to change the name of the stamp. Maybe we can start sending out an email petition!

Maria said...

Aaah Linda! This is fabulous and. Nice way to start your day and I hope you enjoyed the rest of it the same way. Hugs, Maria

Sylvia from Minnesota said...

Linda this came out beautiful! The composition is perfect.

Creative Tara said...

This certainly deserves to be repeated in card form- love it! And I love your stamp name, too. Maybe Em will at least add it as a tag so we can find it if we're searching for it... ;)

Victoria said...

What a simply beautiful journal page and how wonderful to keep it forever and ever. Journals are really treaures and reminds us of times that goes by so quickly. :o) You are a true inspiration to me and all your artwork is magnificent!
Thanks for always sharing!

Victoria, Sweden

Karen said...

Gorgeous!!! Yes, please turn this into a card. I am in love with those scribble poppies (yes, I will vote for that name change too). That is for sure on my next Bella order.
I love what you've done with the composition, and the pastel painting. Wonderful! Three cheers for no agenda.

sueincanada said...

Love this and I am anxious to see a card.


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