Sunday, March 27, 2011

How'd she do that?

Morning everybody! Lots to talk about today, so get comfy. Colleen, I dedicate this first paragraph to you and are you reading it on your new iPad2? LOL!!!!....I am pretty sure she is chuckling right now! Colleen is one of my old pod mates at work and reads my blog via Facebook, but she is not a crafty sort and fessed up to me that she only reads the first paragraph because that is where I usually give a general life update! (you might want to read the second paragraph too!)

Now speaking of the iPad 2, it was the hot topic between Colleen, myself and another friend Jenny last week, and and when are we going to get our grubby hands on it? Are you gonna get up at 4am and order online, or God forbid, stand in line somewhere! Well, Colleen and Jenny got up at 4 and placed their order...clearly I did not want it that bad because when the hubs tried to wake me up TWICE, I just snored in his face and didn't order mine until 6am. Now Colleen wanted it SO badly that she placed her order as a back up then went and stood in line and was the proud owner of her iPad 2 by 5:30pm! Way to go! Hopefully when she cancelled her order, that bumped mine up in line and I'll have it within the next couple weeks.

Alrighty, life update is over and I'll move on to something crafty. This is hollyhock BITTYBLOOM from Stamping Bella, and isn't she a cutie! I'm totally smitten with those bittyblooms.

I paired her up with Basic Grey Kokeshi paper, stamped her on bella's BESTEST paper and used the following copic markers to colour her up:

E000, 00, 11, 33, 35, C1, 3
BG0000, 000, B000, 00
G0000, 000, G40, 21, V12, 15, 17

On to the how'd she do that portion of today's post. I actually have a little bit of a tutorial for you today! shocker I know! But I had a couple questions on how to pop that balloon out of the nestie so Kathy H., this is for you!
Step 1: place your nestie over the image and draw a line with pencil on the inside edge of the die
Step 2: it is also helpful if you draw a line on the outer edge of the die as well, that way you won't accidentally cut at an angle into the inner line. See on the right side, I have cut at an angle into the outer line, then I cut right along the balloon into the inner line. You don't wanna do what I did on the left side of the balloon! You'll see why.
Step 3: place your nestie back on the image and pull out the portion that you don't want cut.

Now you see that your balloon is popped right out of the die cut portion and you can see why it is important to cut only a single cut on that portion of the balloon that is between your two lines because then when you lay it back down you won't even tell there is a cut there. If you cut, and then trim you'll get a gap like I have on the left. And if you cut into the inside line at an angle and then cut along the edge of the balloon you would have a REALLY big gap! So that is why the line on the outside edge of the die is helpful. 
I know many of you know how to do this already, but for those who don't, I hope it has been helpful. Hope to see you at our polkadot challenge this Friday over at Blogabella. Have a wonderful day!

Later, Linda.


Gabriela said...

Linda - I must confess that I am "that" gal who didn't know how to trim the balloon before using the oval die (or any die). Thank you for the well written tutorial and painstaking photos. I really enjoyed this post and appreciate the time you took to create it.

CraftyViolet said...

I didn't know how to do that either so I thank you too. Love your card!

Crafty Cath said...

That is NOT the way I do it. Actually I never knew about this way and so I simply cut the image out and then would cut out another full balloon and place it over the cut one so it would look whole. I like your result better. Thanks for sharing with us.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Wow, what an informative post. I got the IPad 1 at Christmas and love it. I see All Recipes, where I'm signed up and have a recipe box is now an App. Will download that. I have a Nook and couldn't get it downloaded to the IPad. After talking to the US people, we learned Nook doesn't have Cdn rights yet, but is in the works. I only get books on my Nook because I put in my US postal address.

Your card is adorable. Your image works beautifully with your DP.

Robin McK said...

Hey Linda!
Well, your card is sooo sweet, as always.
I'm totally stoked to be on the team with you girls, and I can't believe I wasn't a follower on your blog already, but I am now!

Kerri said...

Nice job as always the colors are fab as well as the coloring..any word on your iPad ..thks for sharing

paula tracy williamson said...

Clever, lindabella!


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