Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes it seems like it will NEVER come, sometimes they are here before you know it!

I would be talking about Fridays! Ever have one of those weeks when it seems like Friday will NEVER get here, and yet other weeks, that 'F' day is here before you know it! Well, this week for me was the latter, I have NO IDEA where the time went and now it is gone and lost forever.

On a good note, we did get Dad home from the hospital on Tuesday! It was quite the orchestrated brother drove him from London to my place in Chatham, we had dinner here then I took him and my mom home to Windsor! He got in the door and plopped himself on the first chair in sight, he looked so tired, but at the same time, overwhelmingly happy to finally be home. You have to remember, we are talking about a man who has NEVER been hospitalized....NEVER been under the knife....and possibly NEVER been under an anesthetic! That in itself is kind of amazing since he is going to be 77 years old in a few weeks. That reminds me....hmmmm....better get thinking about a card!

Speaking of cards, let's get on with the reason why many of you are here....MY BELLARIFIC FRIDAY CARD!....

The inspiration this week was a colour challenge in shades of Aquamarine and the lovely picture was brought to us by our video babe, Ebru. Oh ya, have you seen Emily's video tutorials! You must check them out and the links are on her blog. Okay, I digress....I chose chatty CATHY for my image and as much as I LOVE these colours I found myself challenged to find papers that worked! What's with that? I love the colour, shouldn't I have a truck load of papers in my stash that match? No worries...I found some papers in the Basic Grey 6x6 pad of lime rickey that screamed aquamarine.

So what do ya think? Should I win a prize for staying so close to the colour inspiration? I think I should...I'm all about prizes...AND winning them! LOL!!!

She was stamped on bella's BESTEST paper and although I did not write down the specific copic colours I used you might guess that it was a WIDE range of the BG's. I used no pencils on the image and kept those strictly to the grounding and shading around the image with some aquamarine.

I hope you enjoyed this week's challenge and I HOPE to feast my eyes on a sea of aquamarine on Em's blog later today! Our challenge next week is keeping with the holiday of the month and that would be Easter! I'm sure many of us in Canada equate that with spring so how 'bout we 'cheat' a bit...if you don't celebrate Easter, just 'cheat' and make something 'spring like' instead and warm the hearts of us Canadians (and some Americans) who have seen WAY too much snow this year!

'till next time...Linda


Janette said...

Fabulous card, and 'YES' you should win a prize for to hear your Dad is back home and doing ok, take care.xx

Jane Wetzel said...

love this is my favortie color and these bgs are gorgeous together!

Rosanne said...

Glad to hear your Dad is home! Sweet card!

Ebru- aka- April said...

Hi Linda, I'm glad your dad's home and going well.
This card is amazing, as always your coloring is gorguss. You hit the Aqua colors on the nose :o)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Pauline said...

Fabulous card, love the papers you used for this colour challenge. Your colouring is phenomenal as always. Glad to hear your Dad is doing well.

Dana White said...

Your card is fantastic - love these shades. So happy to hear your Dad is home & doing better!

Crafty Cath said...

You win! I started with this image for this week's challenge too but I couldn't get a layout to work. We must have been on the same wave length. Love all the Aqua shades. Glad to hear that your Dad is on the road to recovery and resting in his own house again.

Cindy H. said...

Beautiful card!! Love the coloring and colors. Glad your Dad is back home!


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