Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Did you win a prize?


That is what the hubby just asked me as he saw me arranging all this stuff on the table. I just got home from Pickle's sidewalk sale days. Entire store is 25% off, plus a last chance table with 40-90% off. All Zuter binds are 40% off. I almost fainted. BUT...I resisted buying any wire binds until I could check my stash at home to see what I already have...wasn't that showing incredible restraint!

The only thing I really didn't need was the tote, but at 40% off I couldn't say no, and besides, it will be handy to take with me to classes. Hey, a girl's got to travel in style, don't ya think?

I walked out of the store with the BIG brown bag and that is always fun. You know you've spent a ton of money in a stamp store when you walk out with the BIG bag!

They also have lots of nestabilities left in stock and I see they are now carrying the scor pal! Too bad I already have them otherwise they would have been the first thing to jump into my little basket.

Oh that was fun! What better way to spend a vacation day!


paula said...

ahhhhh, a sale? Oh my, I missed it? LOL I got my envelopes today and ran over to paper trey and bought the 'guide lines' stamp set and that ivory paper! So, hey, not a great sale, but I spent money...Can't wait to burn some plastic @ Pickle, in a few weeks!! So I was gonna originally post on your ORANGE card...mmmm, you know I love orange! That is such a pretty card and right up my alley. Can I just say I love the layout too, I think deep down I am just a frustrated {sp} advertising artist. I love fonts and layouts, graphics...I so need to get outta the toilet business! haha Ok, real world, awesomely orange card! bye...

Bonnie said...

I didn't make it in but now there is probably nothing left!! Looks like you scored BIG! Maybe this week because it ....continues!!


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