Monday, July 14, 2008

We have a saying at work...

It goes like this and is usually passed through email (sometimes we even repeat it)...


sometimes it end ends with...

Take a deep breath!

You see I work in an IT Department and things can get a littly hairy. I have a friend who works in the support area, and I work in the technical area (yes I am a techie...a programmer to be exact). So when things get a little wild we have a tendency to wig out, or sometimes called, 'snap like a twig'. ("Oooohhhh, SNAP!" is another one of our email favorites...hmmmm...mental note, I have various trees and/or branches and think I can also work that one into a card!).

So I thought it would be appropriate on my first day back to work after two glorious weeks of pretending to be retired to showcase this card. Actually, I made it on Saturday, in anticipation of what would come Monday. Now my original intent was to make this card for ME! To sit on my desk and remind me of those two glorious weeks hanging out in my ALMOST finished kitchen and pretenting to be retired. But then, I came across this Ohm Moisturizing Body Mist by OLAY. At that point I knew this card, and the body mist, was destined for her, my friend in support who sends me emails that say nothing but Ohhhhmmmmmm!

So the next time your internet is down, or blogger won't upload your photo, or Splitcoast is running really slow think of us programmers who are at the office, or got called away from a really good dinner at a favorite restaurant to go in to the office. We are trying our best to get you back online, picture us taking deep breaths and running around saying 'Ohhhmmmmmm'! (Okay, truth be told, some of us might be using language that is just a teeny bit more colorful!)



Shannan Teubner said...

This is beautiful, as always! Love it!

Linda Deline said...

Love the card Linda. I haven't been retired long enough to not relate!!

God bless. Linda

paula said...

I do like this MFT image, I just wanna hold it and see what you did with this background! I can't get it close enough...I really needed an oohhhmmmm moment today! This is great!!


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