Sunday, January 1, 2012

Small Valise Gift card holder

In other non card related works of art I came across a blog called The Gentleman Crafter via Tim Holtz. He makes some pretty amazing projects out of paper and had a tutorial for this small Valise gift card holder. Unfortunately he took down the post with the tutorial so I'm wondering if he is tweeking it up. No matter, I got lucky enough to view it while it was still there and created these little pieces of 'luggage' for the hubs young nephews. They got gift cards for Chapters and EB games which is fun, but not as much fun as finding them in here burried under chocolates.

The outside was adorned with a chain that had a little snowflake and their initial
the inside has a holder on the right for the gift card and on the left a spot where I
slipped in a tag.
Pretty darn cute aren't they!!!! I will say, they were very time consuming but in such a good way I made one for Kim at Pickle too! OooooH....I'm seeing emails pop up from Paula and Pauline...better go check out what was going on....I saw the word shopping in there which has really perked my interest!


Pauline said...

Wow this is amazing! What a wonderful gift card holder. I can't wait to check it out at Pickle!

Bren said...

That's a super project Linda. Love it. Maybe he will repost that tutorial sometime? Looks like fun.

Unknown said...

What an awesome project! I love it; I have added the Gentleman Crafter as another Blog I will follow. I sure hope he places the tutorial out there again. Thanks for sharing! Phyllis

K1 said...

I absolutely LOVE mine!! Linda, you spoil me with your sneak peeks and amazing little gifts....and I love EVERY moment of it!! I am a lucky girl.


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